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How to Keep Floors Clean & Safe This Holiday Shopping Season

13 Nov

Winter months are filled with positives and negatives for business owners. On the one hand, the holidays is a time of big sales, holidays, and shopping for gifts. Days through the holiday season aren’t all good, however. It is important that storefronts make time to assess slip and fall risks for visitors, taking a moment to identify ways accidents might occur. Performing a risk analysis is a great first rung on the ladder, but there are alternative methods to improve safety and ensure a happy and profitable holidays. Visit this informative article for more information.


San Diego identifies busiest shopping days for holidays

12 Nov

Do you realize the 4 days before Christmas day are the busiest shopping days of the winter? And are you aware that Cyber Monday, the first day of the week following Black Friday, will be the day for E-commerce merchants? Whether you work a physical storefront or an internet store, taking a moment to understand the busiest shopping days of winter holiday season season provides insight on how to maximize revenues and customer experience. Visit this article to learn more about shopping trends over the Christmas vacation, and have a positive move toward improved service and sales.