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Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety

29 Jun

For more than half a century, the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety has helped to improve the occupational safety and health of workers throughout the world. Owned and operated by Liberty Mutual Insurance, Boston, MA, the Institute conducts non-proprietary, peer-reviewed research to advance scientific, business-relevant knowledge in workplace and highway safety and work-related disability.


2012 Slip and Fall Accidents Cost Businesses $13 Billion

28 Jun

Liberty Mutual Research Inst., a part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Corporation, releases a report each year in which the most common workplace accidents are assessed by frequency and cost burden. The report, titled the “Workplace Safety Index,” illustrated alarming findings for the year 2012.

Environmental Impact: Understanding the Concept of EI

5 Jun

Environmental Impact (EI) is the study of the potential positive or negative effects a specific project may have on the environment. In the business world, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) often includes analysis of all operations. From harvesting raw materials to product manufacturing, marketing, and distribution, EIA looks to refine processes until minimal harm is done. Visit this Wiki article to read more about EI and EIA, and learn how these concepts have the potential to significantly shape the future of global business.

Eco Mats for Locker Rooms: A Green Safety Solution

3 Jun

Eco-friendly building materials are rising in popularity, thanks in part to the incentives now offered by programs like LEED, as well as the good will that sustainable products and policies now garner with the general public. Eco-friendly materials are available for a variety of applications, including floor mats. These new “green” mats offer property owners numerous benefits that range from LEED credits to public good will and, of course, effective accident prevention. But what are these mats made of, and are they as effective as their traditional counterparts? Explore eco-friendly locker room mats in this article, and learn more about these Earth-honoring safety mats.