Facility Management Best Practices

Facility Management Best PracticesPart of managing a commercial facility is paying close attention to the health and safety of employees and visitors. Buyers may shop floor mats on Eaglemat.com that make it easier for commercial facility managers to ensure that anybody who enters their buildings is protected.  The website includes many options that can keep facilities cleaner which results in better health and safety. Managers of commercial facilities can further improve safety by purchasing the following as part of facility management best practices:

Entrance Mats

The entranceway is one of the most important areas in a commercial facility when the intention is to prevent potential accidents.  Entrance mats can prevent water and debris (which can lead to accidents) from entering the building. Commercial floor mats such as Waterhog mats absorb water to prevent slips and falls, a big worry for facility managers. Waterhog uses Water Dam Technology in its entrance mats to hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. The mats also absorb debris with aggressive nub-like protrusions that capture dirt so that it falls into the cracks in the mat so that it can’t enter the building.

When debris is tracked into a facility, it can also affect the air quality. Poor air quality leads to health concerns such as allergies, headaches, and breathing disorders. These problems can affect visitors and employees and make a difference in the image of a business. That makes prevention practices such as the purchase of commercial floor mats an essential part of the list of facility management best practices.

Wet Umbrella Stands

Umbrella stands dispense clear plastic bags to customers with wet umbrella. Not only is the customer stopped from bringing rain, snow, and other debris from their umbrella into the store, but the store is protected from slip-and-fall accidents resulting from tracked-in water.

The standard umbrella stand has a black aluminum finish and comes with a stand, mounting bracket and 1,000 bags, along with a choice of one of the following signs:

Help Keep Our Lobby Floors Dry.

Wet Umbrella Bags: Please Take One.

The elegant premium version has with a distinctive Satin Chrome Satin Brass finish.

Crowd Control Stanchions/Signage

Crowd control can be managed with stanchions and rope systems. When businesses organize crowds effectively, it increases customer satisfaction as well as operational efficiency. EagleMat.com has stanchion ropes, posts, rope ends, and signage brackets for commercial facility managers. The Tensabarrier stanchion posts and retractable belts are incredible in comparison to ordinary belts which can travel up to 85 mph when they are unhooked. Special technology used in the Tensabarrier stanchions prevents belts from traveling any faster than 5 mpg when unhooked- a remarkable difference.

Clear signage allows facility managers to relay important messages in a simple fashion as part of facility management best practices. EagleMats.com has Standard (satin finish) and Deluxe Heavy Duty (polish finish) sign frames to manage visitors more effectively.

Elevator Wall Pads

Elevator Pads are necessary to protect walls from damage that can lead to expensive repairs. The pads, which prevent walls from being scratched and scraped, are made from the following materials: standard vinyl, heavy vinyl, and canvas. Facility managers can access the Elevator Pad Measurement Guide on EagleMat.com for quick and easy instructions for measuring. EagleMat.com is proud to supply pads for all major elevator manufactures- Otis, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp, and Kone.

Stair Treads

Facility managers can prevent dangerous stairway accidents by ordering stair treads. They come in rubber, vinyl, and aluminum to meet varying needs.

  • Vinyl stair treads protect by adding traction while also keeping dirt and debris from accumulating. They are only for use indoors, as vinyl is easily damaged by fluctuating temperatures and poor weather.
  • Rubber stair treads are also made for indoor use. They are moderately priced and available in multiple textures.
  • Aluminum stair treads are ideal for outdoor use. They are tough and long-lasting and protect from slips with incomparable stability. Aluminum stair treads are available in attractive designs.

Facility management best practices can get complicated, as there are so many details that need to be taken care of. Commercial facility managers can save time and energy by choosing the cost effective safety products available at EagleMat.com.

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