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New Slip-Fall Coalition Aims to Reduce Workplace Accidents

28 Oct

Earlier this fall, the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) announced the formation of a brand new group called the Slip-Fall Coalition. The coalition includes both NFSI members and non-members. In honor of this new organization and awareness action, the Eagle Mat Website has published this article on the NFSI, the new Slip-Fall Coalition, and the most common work-related injuries. Find out more about how certain workplaces are susceptible to particular sorts of accidents. Also find out how much the ‘real cost’ of work related accidents was in 2008. Finally, study free safety tips from the editorial staff of the Eagle Mat Blog on how to avoid slips, trips, and falls. Hint: It absolutely was more than $1 billion for 2008.


PRWeb: NFSI Announces Formation of Slip-Fall Coalition

26 Oct

In accordance with a media posted given on, the new organization will increase safety and help companies reduce workplace injuries. Mainly, the business will focus on spreading awareness for ways of preventing falls, trips, and falls. The corporation is comprised of both NFSI members and non-members. Non-NFSI members represent a variety of industries, including food service, training, retail, and more. The corporation has also launched a new web site to generate safety guides, informational components, and news more accessible to American business owners. For more information, visit this press release on

Free Shipping on Commercial Matting & Safety Products This Fall

23 Oct

Increasing in-store protection never been cheaper. Eagle Mat announces large savings on all industrial ground pads, elevator pads, and other ability safety products and services this fall. New this season: Automated Damp Umbrella Wrappers. These devices are put at the entry-way. In one smooth motion, a wet umbrella can be inserted by guests into the free-standing unit to own it bagged. These umbrella case dispensers make it easier to manage snow and rain on stormy days, keeping center floors dry, clean, and safe.

National Safety Council: Accident Prevention Resources

22 Oct

The National Safety Council is just a not-for-profit organization targeted at preventing accidents through awareness initiatives, investigation, and other free sources. The NSC studies accident prevention on the job, at home, and through the community. General, the organization’s mission is to save your self lives through stopping both critical and non-fatal accidents and incidents. Originally created in 1913, the corporation now remembers their 100th year of operation. For additional information on the National Safety Council, visit this site and download free safety sources for both home and work.

NICB Raises Awareness for Slip and Fall Fraud

6 Oct

The incidents often occur in public storefronts, like food markets, shops, and large technology depots. Cases of fraud usually include 2 people, all of whom take part in cheating a fall and fall accident to make money from your business. But just how prevalent is fraud? Based on reports by the NICB, this ‘debateable’ fall and fall states have increased by nearly 600-sheet before 3 years. They are most common in major cities like New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia. Read more about these NICB statistics, and learn how to prevent fraud in your place of business.

National Insurance Crime Bureau

4 Oct

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) is an American non-profit organization dedicated to distinguishing insurance fraud and prosecuting offenders. As a whole, the organization receives support from over 1000 members nationally. NICB people are mainly organizations. Businesses are of different sizes, and they specialize in providing different industries with products and services and services. As well as determining fraud and prosecuting offenders, the NICB also helps companies to recognize fraud and prevent it.