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Slip, Trip, and Fall Stats from the NSC

16 Sep

The National Safety Council (NSC) is really a not-for-profit organization specializing in injury-prevention. The range of the research and applied axioms involves both private and public business sectors, as well as residential. Following up on last week’s post, this source may help readers better understand the chance of fall and fall accidents in various different settings. Go to the NSC on the web to learn more about common triggers for slip and fall accidents, and have a proactive step toward making your property or office a better place.


Slips and Falls Are Most Common Business Dispute in Real Estate

6 Sep

Based on property owners, the most costly form of question undergone in 2008 included different kinds of slip and fall accidents. A fall and fall dispute may possibly end-up costing an inordinate amount of time and money, as most property owners know. The property owner is also found guilty of negligence. Depending on the severity of the accident, home owners who are found negligent may additionally be charged with punitive damages. This study provides a wake-up call to all specialists within the real estate sector. From business executives to home owners, all should be aware of the dangers of fall and fall accidents.