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Retail Industry Slip and Fall Fatalities

31 Dec

When it comes to slip and fall fatalities, the retail sector is among the top 5 deadliest U.S. business sectors. From 2002 to 2012, fatal slip and fall accidents increased a reported 66%. That number is from the U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistics, and it represents the most recently available data. What it means: Retailers are wise to take a hard look at employee training programs, operations protocols, and other elements of doing business that might have an impact on employee safety. Then, they ought to make improvements accordingly.


Tips for Keeping Customers Safe This Winter

30 Dec

Winter is the busiest shopping season of the year. Black Friday, Christmas, and the New Year send millions to storefronts for everything from must-have gifts to sidewalk salt and party supplies. Property owners owe a duty to all who enter their premises, which can be very difficult during this busy time. In addition to crowds, inclement weather can lead to moisture, snow, and ice accumulation that makes major walkways and entrances extremely hazardous. This year, follow these 10 tips for keeping storefronts clean, dry, and safe during major shopping days. Beginning with a risk assessment and ending with crowd management tips, this list provides a comprehensive overview of essential tasks to ensure visitor safety throughout the holiday shopping season.

Retail Safety: Invest in Crowd Control and Save

17 Dec

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a special message to all retailers this holiday season: Invest in a crowd management plan to protect employees and shoppers during busy sales days. This year is the 5th year since an elderly man was trampled to death during a Black Friday Sale, marking a tragic but important date for retailers and Americans to remember. To help retailers prepare for busy crowds and holiday sales this year, Eagle Mat has announced a special sale on all crowd management products. Shop ropes, stanchions, and retractable belt systems by Tensabarrier and earn free shipping. A 100% Price Match Guarantee is also being offered to ensure retailers receive the absolute best price available for these essential safety products.

How to Keep Floors Clean & Safe This Holiday Shopping Season

13 Nov

Winter months are filled with positives and negatives for business owners. On the one hand, the holidays is a time of big sales, holidays, and shopping for gifts. Days through the holiday season aren’t all good, however. It is important that storefronts make time to assess slip and fall risks for visitors, taking a moment to identify ways accidents might occur. Performing a risk analysis is a great first rung on the ladder, but there are alternative methods to improve safety and ensure a happy and profitable holidays. Visit this informative article for more information.

San Diego identifies busiest shopping days for holidays

12 Nov

Do you realize the 4 days before Christmas day are the busiest shopping days of the winter? And are you aware that Cyber Monday, the first day of the week following Black Friday, will be the day for E-commerce merchants? Whether you work a physical storefront or an internet store, taking a moment to understand the busiest shopping days of winter holiday season season provides insight on how to maximize revenues and customer experience. Visit this article to learn more about shopping trends over the Christmas vacation, and have a positive move toward improved service and sales.

Preparing for Fall: Retail Safety Tips

8 Aug

Autumn safety preparedness is a periodic approach to accident prevention. It is targeted on readying facilities for inclement weather as well as the hustle and bustle that is included with back-to-school shopping and the winter holidays. Companies ought to revisit any risk assessments which were performed previously, to effortlessly and most effectively make. Companies are wise to review basic concepts of property owner liability with all workers, when planning for a busy Fall. First, it will help employees at various levels of the organization comprehend the value of preventing accidents from both an appropriate and practical perspective. Next, understanding the finer points of property owner liability gives decision-makers framework that can help with developing sound risk management programs.

Back to School Selling Strategies

6 Aug

It’s that time of year again when clients begin to consider all the stuff “Back to School” method for them. For some, this implies shifting their daycare routine. And yet for many, it simply means less foot traffic inside their shops since they focus on a school crowd. And it all starts with selling packages. Don’t neglect the consumer news that enters this time of year, even though you don’t appeal to a college crowd. Back to school means over school materials. It equals new footwear, new clothes, new outdoor extras, new seasonal activities and a great deal more. Consider what your store provides that shouts Fall and a shift of seasons, then promote it today. Don’t wait till leaves start turning colors and the air turns cooler.