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Outdoor Matting Solutions: Polypropylene Mats VS Carpet

14 Nov

What makes an ‘outdoor mat’ different from an ‘indoor mat’? In general, the difference between these two commercial safety products is material. Indoor mats are typically made of high-twist, heat resistant olefin yarn (carpet mats). Such material is often too fragile to withstand harsh weather, leading matting manufacturers to use special types of materials for outdoor / weatherproof mats. One such material is polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer that is used to make a variety of tough and resilient products. Polypropylene is among the most common outdoor matting material, a trend made popular by the widely-known Waterhog line of commercial floor mats. Learn more about indoor / outdoor matting materials in this article on the Eagle Mat Blog, and find the right product for your facility today.


Safety Guide: Making Stairways Safe with Stair Treads

9 Nov

Dirt, debris, and moisture accumulation can present serious problems for commercial businesses. Walking surfaces become increasingly slippery as accumulation grows, making it more dangerous to cross the area without slipping. Debris accumulation presents an even greater danger when it occurs on stairways; accidental trips and falls are common on steps that are kept clean, and steps only become more dangerous as moisture and debris build over time.