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Finding a Mat for a Hemingway Desk

19 Mar

Hemingway Desks are all the rage in today’s forward thinking office spaces. Named after American journalist Ernest Hemingway, these desks allow you to stand while writing, reading, computing, and performing other job related tasks. And while these tall desks are known to improve focus and productivity in the short run, they have also been known to cause strain and cramping in the legs after hours of use. To prevent discomfort, try a ergonomic “anti fatigue” mat with a Hemingway Desk, and get the best of both worlds!


Floor Mat Rental Companies in Maryland

29 Jan

Ask any facility manager, and he or she will likely agree with the notion that floor mats are vital in preventing slip and fall accidents. Dirty mats can have the opposite effect, however. Sopping wet and/or grimy mats can contribute to poor traction, slips, and falls. Take a proactive step toward functional floor mats, and employ professional cleaners to keep your entryways clean. Learn more about floor mat rental, rotation, and cleaning services available in Maryland.