What’s the Best Mat for a Standing Desk?

17 Aug

Ernest Hemingway is one of the most famous writers to use a standing desk. In the past few years, the standing “Hemingway desk” has experienced a resurgence in popularity. It all began with a study that labeled sitting the “smoking” of our generation. Much like smoking in the 1950s, today’s office worker sits long hours without fully comprehending how harmful it is for long term health. Standing desks promote fuller blood flow throughout the body, increasing the health of the cardiovascular system. Mats are a vital addition to any standing desk, however. Standing desks do much more than keep the floor clean and protected. These mats help to stimulate the muscles of the feet, sending a ripple effect up the legs and into the lower back. Anti fatigue mats are known to relieve stress, improve comfort, and bolster productivity. In this guide, learn more about the mats available for standing desks and commercial workstations: Find a Durable Standing Desk Mat.


Find Your Ideal Commercial Mat [Free Infographic]

29 Jul

The Mat Selection Guide

Mat Selection Guide Free Infographic
This infographic has been produced by Eagle Mat and Floor Products. For your free copy, please visit the original infographic, Mat Selection Guide.

Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US on Snow Alert

4 Apr

Winter weather is here to stay. Weather service has announced lingering winter weather for much of the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States. Up and down the coast, businesses must now face the challenge of keeping snow, ice, and freezing rain from causing dangerous conditions. Visit the Eagle Mat Blog for these facility safety and snow management tips.

Snow Management Tips from Eagle Mat

31 Jan

This week, as many as 6 southeastern states have issued a state of emergency resulting from the recent snowstorm. Virginia communities are overwhelmed. Georgia students were stranded at school. And in Texas, small business owners are anxiously awaiting “icy Friday” to end the week. With so many businesses caught off guard, it’s become increasingly important to brainstorm and implement a management plan for snow and ice. In this article, Eagle Mat covers a few basic points on how to keep parking lots clear, sidewalks shoveled, and entryways dry. Take a moment to review the basics on snowstorm safety, and prevent accidents in your place of business.

Commercial Matting Safety Standards

28 Jan

Over the summer of 2012, the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) published the official standards for selecting, installing, and maintaining entrance mats and runners. These standards have been developed to assist property owners in selecting the right types of safety mats for achieving larger safety and health goals. Goals like accident prevention, moisture containment, and improved air quality within the facility are each addressed. Visit this article for a free overview of the Entrance Mat and Runners Safety Standards, and download a free copy of the report courtesy of the NFSI.

Entrance Mats for Vestibules

10 Jan

Entryway vestibules deliver a variety of benefits that improve the safety, hygiene, and energy efficiency of a facility. They serve as a buffer to the outside world, maintaining steady indoor temperatures while keeping the heat, cold, rain, snow, and ice outdoors. Vestibules can be a dangerous place when left uncovered, however. Commercial floor mats are needed to control the dirt and debris that are tracked through these rooms on a daily basis. But can you identify the best matting product, without over-spending? This article provides an overview of rubber mats, carpet mats, recessed grill systems, and more to help your team find the best investment for your facility.

Tips for Keeping Customers Safe This Winter

30 Dec

Winter is the busiest shopping season of the year. Black Friday, Christmas, and the New Year send millions to storefronts for everything from must-have gifts to sidewalk salt and party supplies. Property owners owe a duty to all who enter their premises, which can be very difficult during this busy time. In addition to crowds, inclement weather can lead to moisture, snow, and ice accumulation that makes major walkways and entrances extremely hazardous. This year, follow these 10 tips for keeping storefronts clean, dry, and safe during major shopping days. Beginning with a risk assessment and ending with crowd management tips, this list provides a comprehensive overview of essential tasks to ensure visitor safety throughout the holiday shopping season.