What’s the Best Mat for a Standing Desk?

17 Aug

Ernest Hemingway is one of the most famous writers to use a standing desk. In the past few years, the standing “Hemingway desk” has experienced a resurgence in popularity. It all began with a study that labeled sitting the “smoking” of our generation. Much like smoking in the 1950s, today’s office worker sits long hours without fully comprehending how harmful it is for long term health. Standing desks promote fuller blood flow throughout the body, increasing the health of the cardiovascular system. Mats are a vital addition to any standing desk, however. Standing desks do much more than keep the floor clean and protected. These mats help to stimulate the muscles of the feet, sending a ripple effect up the legs and into the lower back. Anti fatigue mats are known to relieve stress, improve comfort, and bolster productivity. In this guide, learn more about the mats available for standing desks and commercial workstations: Find a Durable Standing Desk Mat.


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