Updating Old Stairways With New Rubber Stair Treads

27 Feb

Visitor safety is essential when it comes to being the owner of a business or property. Guests who are welcomed on to the property for the purpose of conducting a financial transactions (i.e. customers) are owed the highest degree of care, and property owners must take proactive measures to ensure their safety. Failure to keep the property in good repair may result in liability for accidents that occur, particularly when those accidents could have been reasonably prevented by the property owner. Entryways, hallways, and stairwells are among the most heavily trafficked areas of a facility and thus worthy of inspection. Anti-slip floor mats are a good safey precaution in entrances and hallways that need added slip-resistance. For stairways, investing in rubber, vinyl, or aluminum stair treads may likewise provide the slip-resistance needed to ensure a safe and accident-free environment. To learn more about preventing accidents with stair treads, visit this article on the Eagle Mat Blog. http://www.eaglemat.com/blog/updating-old-stairways-with-new-rubber-stair-treads/


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