When Is It Time to Replace Your Facility’s Floor Mats?

25 Oct

Property owners must remain attentive to safety, even after safety products are installed. Such products have a shelf life, and it is important to make updates and repairs when necessary. Although resilient and long-lasting, floor mats are particularly dangerous when left to fall into disrepair. This is primarily because guests rely on mats as a clean, safe, and stable place to wipe their feet. If they are worn, chipped, damaged, and unstable, a slip-and-fall accident may easily occur. There are 6 basic signs that a mat needs replaced. Some signs are visible in the surface texture and color. Others are noticeable in the color and consistency of the rubber edging. The way the mat feels under foot– whether it shifts, skids, or slides– also gives clues as to its need for replacement. Visit the Eagle Mat Blog for this guide to floor mat replacement, and proactively ensure the safety of your customers, employees, and floor spaces.


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