Anticipating Winter Weather with Tough Commercial Mats

30 Nov

Snow, ice, and sleet are among the most dangerous forms of winter precipitation. Whether on the road or on the sidewalk, driving your car or strolling along the sidewalk, these weather variables have the ability to spin things out of control. For facility managers and property owners, preventing precipitation-related slips and falls is one of the most important challenges of the winter holiday season. Safety is a top concern, making it important to understand the type and frequency of precipitation that is expected in your area. In this article, Eagle Mat safety experts share 4 weather predictions for winter 2015, courtesy of the National Weather Service. Join us for this special report, and plan your winter safety program today.


Finding a Mat for a Hemingway Desk

19 Mar

Hemingway Desks are all the rage in today’s forward thinking office spaces. Named after American journalist Ernest Hemingway, these desks allow you to stand while writing, reading, computing, and performing other job related tasks. And while these tall desks are known to improve focus and productivity in the short run, they have also been known to cause strain and cramping in the legs after hours of use. To prevent discomfort, try a ergonomic “anti fatigue” mat with a Hemingway Desk, and get the best of both worlds!

Prevent Falls with Outdoor Matting

20 Feb

Why invest in outdoor rubber mats? For starters, the use of safety mats outside the entryway can significantly improve the health and safety of the facility. These mats are extra tough, and they are designed to make “first contact” in a way that aggressively removes dirt, moisture, and debris from shoes. The better the outdoor mats, the less likely it will be that incoming dirt and bacteria will combine to cause a serious health and safety problem. Read more on the Eagle Mat Blog.

Vinyl Mats for Pools

12 Feb

Spring is almost here, which means its time for water parks to reevaluate safety mats. Everything thin, chipped, worn-down, and moldy must go. Not only do old mats carry a heightened risk of slip and fall accident, but they may also cause health issues (e.g. mold causes respiratory illness). Now is the time to begin taking inventory of current mats, matting conditions, and listing items that will be needed upon opening for summer.

Floor Mat Rental Companies in Maryland

29 Jan

Ask any facility manager, and he or she will likely agree with the notion that floor mats are vital in preventing slip and fall accidents. Dirty mats can have the opposite effect, however. Sopping wet and/or grimy mats can contribute to poor traction, slips, and falls. Take a proactive step toward functional floor mats, and employ professional cleaners to keep your entryways clean. Learn more about floor mat rental, rotation, and cleaning services available in Maryland.

Tips for Keeping Carpets Fresh

9 Jan

Why should businesses care about extending the life of carpeted floors? For one, replace old and damaged carpeting can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor. During reinstallation, that area of the facility may not be able to be utilized, further handicapping business operations. From an eco-conscious perspective, proactively extending the life of carpeting also improves the health of the environment. It’s estimated that nearly 5 billion pounds of carpeting is disposed into landfills each year. Taking care of carpets can decrease replacement and disposal rates, which ultimately reduces environmental impact (EI). Additionally, taking time to care for carpet floors and mats now helps to ensure they are in pristine condition for when guests visit later. There’s only one chance to make a first impression, and caring for the floors on which guests walk is a vital part of making that first impression a positive one. Be sure to follow these 4 tips for keeping carpets, carpet mats, and r

Retail Industry Slip and Fall Fatalities

31 Dec

When it comes to slip and fall fatalities, the retail sector is among the top 5 deadliest U.S. business sectors. From 2002 to 2012, fatal slip and fall accidents increased a reported 66%. That number is from the U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistics, and it represents the most recently available data. What it means: Retailers are wise to take a hard look at employee training programs, operations protocols, and other elements of doing business that might have an impact on employee safety. Then, they ought to make improvements accordingly.